Flip The Tortilla

Flip The Tortilla

Welcome to Flip the Tortilla! This show is for the underdog at heart and is about rising up, breaking through, and finding a way to achieve your most audacious goals. If you’ve ever been told you can’t, you won’t or it’s not possible, you’ve found a home! Join uber-successful corporate exec, entrepreneur, and former janitor, Denice Torres as she and her guests share real-world, no B.S. insights for making your dreams a reality.

Recent Episodes

Episode 32: Lessons from a CEO on the Role of Purpose and Passion

May 25, 2022

Ever wonder how people become a CEO? In this episode of Flip the Tortilla, you have the opportunity to get the inside scoop from Rob Ross, CEO of Surface Oncology. Rob certainly has extraordinary career experience (oncologis…

Episode 31: How to be an Inspirational Leader: Real Lessons from an Incredible Executive

May 18, 2022

Some leaders are also really special human beings. Biopharma executive, Dan Lynch, is one of those people. He has achieved "rarefied air" success (executive venture partner at Google Ventures, Board Chair of nearly 15 public…

Episode 30: How to Ask for What You Want at Work

May 10, 2022

Asking for what we want can be hard. Knowing how and when to ask is a bit of an art. And then when we go about asking, how do we balance confidence and humility? Jessica Meng, a biopharma executive with an incredible track r…

Episode 29: How to Tell Your Story to a Recruiter in Five Minutes

May 6, 2022

"Tell me about yourself." Ever freeze when you get this question? Jean Allen, Partner and Head of Global Communications Practice at Heidrick & Struggles, gives real-world advice on how to tell your story in a way that is int…

Episode 28: Learn to be More Flexible When Shit Happens

April 26, 2022

The last several years have tested all of us. Cali Williams Yost, Workplace Strategist and Futurist, is an expert in high-performance flexibility. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, NPR and the TODA…

Episode 27: Lessons in Bravery, Self-Reflection, and Humility

April 19, 2022

Michelle Carnahan is bold and direct. She tells it the way it is while maintaining a sense of humility and empathy. She has run mega-million companies as well as startups. Her fun, approachable style is refreshing. Michelle …