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Great insights

Every one I’ve listened to has great insights from experienced professionals. They are remarkably down-to-earth conversations.

Inspiring and invigorating!

I love Denice's energy and insight. Her guests always have stories that inspire and motivate. This is my weekly go-to podcast to keep me invigorated to go after my goals with tips, tools, and teachings that make my dreams well within my reach. Brava! (and thank you!)

Great find

Outstanding podcast with great career insights for all.

Flip that Tortilla!

I’m so glad I found this podcast. We need more voices in the world encouraging people to take a chance in life. Denice has a great rapport with her guests. She is likeable and down to earth. Listening makes me feel like I can do hard things!

lessons learned

Each week, Denice and her guests deliver a message from the heart that I can learn from. While I listen to a variety of podcasts, this is the one that I turn on as soon as it's available each week. Thanks for doing this show.

I needed this!

What an unexpected blessing! Listening to Flip the Tortilla was just what I needed today. Denice has such a relatable connection with her audience. Her presentation is personal, articulate and sincere. The Gratitude podcast, specifically, is extremely personal to her but Denice has the ability to draw us in and make it personal for us as well. In the podcast Denice reminded me that most, if not all of us have struggles in our lives. Those struggles are not easy to look at it in a positive way; they weigh us down and pull us under. I was able to relate as I have been struggling lately. Her insight was just what I needed to hear today! She inspires me to see that when we have challenging times, to dig deep and find the strength to try and do everything we can to find some form of gratitude. feel gratitude for Denice, a dear friend I have known for over 40 years. I am grateful for the opportunity to step back and look at my struggles and find the good that is not easy to find. Denice was able to share her struggles with us and tried to do everything possible to work through them and along the way, find the strength to feel gratitude. How do we feel gratitude in the midst of uncertainty and pain? It takes work, a lot of work, determination and perseverance. Know that even through the rough times there are many things to be thankful for. I just needed to hear Denice remind me.


Denice and her guests are amazing! Denice is a phenomenal story-teller, I hang on to her every word! Both Denice and her guests give the best advice. As a women in my early 20's, they inspire me to stay true to "me" in and outside of the work place.

I Needed This!

Denice has a way of approaching the world that I can really relate to, and admire a lot. She is so accomplished, but doesn’t let that define her. I’ve listened to all her episodes and her guests have been fantastic. Tina Sharkey’s message about transferable skills is something that really resonated with me and helped me frame my experience and what I have to offer professionally. Thank you Denice! This tortilla can get really heavy so thank you for helping me figure out how to flip it.

What a truly inspiring show!

I love hearing stories of underdogs but sometimes shows skip over the whole, “but how did they get there?” This show does not. Each episode provides you with key insights and takeaways that anyone at any stage of life can apply to take their dreams and goals to the next level. And it represents a diverse range of successful people, so you leave actually feeling like, “IF THEY CAN, SO CAN I!” Give it a listen. It does not disappoint.

Awesome ... Truly Down To Earth and Inspiring

Denice Torres at her best. Thank you for being you and sharing your perspective with everyone. Guest are awesome and open and helpful. Fun way to learn and try things differently moving forward.

Such positivity!

I just listened to Denice speak with Tina Sharkey and I love the positivity in the room! Denice seamlessly combines energy and fun with practical takeaways for the listener. More tortillas, please!

Love this!!

Well worth the time to listen! Such a great podcast for women! Denice and her guests offer valuable and practical advice! Can’t wait to hear more!

Super helpful Real-World Inspiring Content, Great Guests and Fun to Listen to

“Belief in you starts with you”. I just love this podcast. It was super fun to listen to that RainBow girl Interesting story of Tina. Thank you for sharing your recipe for taking the skills we have learned along the way into new situations. And what I say about Denice she has got amazing interview skills. Thank you Denice for coming up with something I really needed in my life. After listening I’m upto the task of finding my super power. I will turn my vulnerability into my super power. This is really motivating and positive stuff anyone need in their life. 5/5 stars for “Flip the tortilla”. I can’t wait for the next episodes. I recommend every woman to listen to this podcast. Trust me you’ll feel different in an energetic way.